donderdag 1 maart 2012

Leuke mail - Fun mail

Soms krijg ik een hele leuk mail van één van jullie, met daarbij een aantal leuke foto's. Deze wil ik jullie niet onthouden, helemaal uit Australië!

Sometimes I get a realy nice e-mail from some of you, together with some nice pictures. This one I wish to show you, all the way from Australia!

Hi Jeanneke,
I am another Australian joining you in ‘Building Houses from Scraps’. Since purchasing the pattern from you on February 8th, I have become addicted to making these little houses from my collection of scraps. It is so good to finally have a reason for keeping all those little bits of fabric that were of little practical use but too treasured to throw out!
I have nearly caught up with my January blocks as I have been making at least 2 blocks a day since I began. I have adapted your pattern slightly so that I can rotary cut it and piece it by machine. My blocks are slightly smaller and finish at 2 7/8” as I am using the imperial measurement system and this size keeps my house block in proportion. Most quilting in Australia is done using the imperial system although the metric system is in general daily use. We buy our fabric by the metre but cut it using inches!
I am sending you some photos of my progress so far. I am also posting photos on flickr. My flickr name is ‘Neverhaveenuffabric’. Actually, it is more a case of ‘Toomuchfabric’ but I am trying hard to rectify that!

365 reasons to buy chocolate! 2 months will fit in one Ferrero Rocher box. As I only have 3 empty boxes, I have to eat another 3 boxes full to have enough to store all my houses! (Any excuse to eat chocolate is welcome!)

Some of my houses for February

Thank you for sharing your project with the world!
Best wishes,


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Love to see all the different small scraps that people are using in their houses--especially the windows!! This project is so fun, and has gone round the world. Good Job!!

  2. Wat leuk dat je berichten uit de hele wereld krijgt.

  3. Grappig toch, over die chocolade doosjes, ja ja zo lust ik er nog wel een;)

  4. Leuk dat chocolade verhaal, je krigt er gelijk trek in :-) Je eigen huisjes zijn ook weer heel mooi, zitten ook veel bekende stofjes in. Goed van je dat je nu alweer helemaal bij bent!
    Marina Fluit

  5. Your houses are magnificent. I have a great idea!! Why don't you share that chocolate with your stitching friends - including ME - that way you will have a constant supply of containers for your future houses!! Cheers, from Australia!!